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The Difference Between Standard and James Hardie Siding
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If you live in Florida, you’re probably looking for siding for your home that offers greater resistance to the natural elements without requiring more maintenance. 

 Many homeowners have turned to James Hardie fiber cement siding to meet the dual needs of minimal maintenance and maximum durability. James Hardie siding is a specific top-rated brand of fiber cement siding that uses a special blend of materials to yield a structurally powerful and durable siding for your home. 

 If you’re looking for the best siding options for your Florida home, we’ve highlighted some of the differences between standard siding and James Hardie siding below. 

  • The Durability 

Home siding is constantly exposed to Mother Nature, and the most important advantages that fiber cement siding offers over standard siding is strength and reliability. Fiber cement siding is built to last and is more resistant to cracking, splitting, and rotting than most materials. This means minimal maintenance for you — no tedious (and expensive) patching, repainting, or replacing.   

James Hardie siding is particularly known for its durability in harsh weather conditions. This is essential in a place like Florida. Unlike standard siding, James Hardie siding withstands intense heat, brutal humidity, hurricane-force winds, insect damage, and harsh UV rays. It’s also resistant to flames, doesn’t warp in heat, and is less vulnerable to impact damage. 

  • The Look 

James Hardie fiber cement siding is also widely appreciated for its aesthetic appearance. It’s customizable and attractive, colored using technology that resists normal fading, and it mimics the look of wood planks in a more natural way than vinyl siding. 

 Best of all, because James Hardie siding is created to withstand the demands of Florida’s climate, it will continue to look great as the years go by.  

  • The Upkeep 

James Hardie fiber cement siding and standard vinyl siding are both fairly low-maintenance options for homeowners. Generally, these siding choices only need to be cleaned annually with soap and water to remove dust and residue. 

The superior durability of fiber cement means that it also has an unusually long lifespan for siding and will need fewer replacements over the years. This, of course, saves you valuable time and money in the long run compared to standard siding options. 

  • The Cost 

James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the most affordable siding materials. And while fiber cement needs to be professionally installed, the longevity of James Hardie siding and the lack of future repairs needed means that it will ultimately save you money over the years.  

  • The Environmental Impact 

Another superior aspect of fiber cement siding is its impact on our planet. While vinyl siding is not decomposable and will remain in landfills for years after its removal, fiber cement siding is created with more sustainable materials.  

In fact, James Hardie siding was named the “Greenest Siding Brand” in 2020! 


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