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The Difference Between Standard and Impact Windows
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There are a lot of types of windows, but two basic ones that you should know the difference between, especially if you live in the south or on the coast where hurricanes occur frequently.  There are standard windows and there are impact windows.  How are these two different, exactly?  Let’s take a look:

Standard windows are what you typically think of when you think of windows for homes and buildings.  There are different kinds and qualities within this category, but they basically all serve the same purpose.  Standard windows act as a barrier between the inside and the outside, they insulate the home or building, and they act as a spot where you can look outside or let light and air inside.  These are great options for most buildings and homes, and they are your most basic option so they will be more affordable than impact windows.

Impact-resistant windows take things to a completely different level.  They are meant to withstand intense winds up to two hundred miles per hour, as well as debris or intruders.  That is why these are a great option in hurricane territory.  Upon impact, these windows remain intact, even if they are shattered because of the multiple layers they have.  They are safer because of that.  They are a much more durable and strong window than your standard window style.  Standard windows will break into hundreds of dangerous pieces if they are shattered from any number of things.  The impact-resistant windows are made out of strong frames and strong glass.  They are generally a better option for windows, especially if you live somewhere that maybe isn’t as safe or that experiences extreme weather.  They can be an investment, but for peace of mind they are definitely worth it. 

A few more notable differences between standard and impact-resistant windows are that impact windows increase energy efficiency in your home more than standard windows.  Impact windows protect you one hundred percent from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer.  Another pro to impact-resistant windows is that because they won’t shatter, they help maintain the structure of your home or building in the case of an emergency, like a hurricane.  If you only have standard windows and if one shatters, it could impact your roof or walls and create exponentially more damage. 

Depending on where you live and what your priorities are, impact-resistant windows are an incredible option.  If you don’t experience high winds where you live, you’re probably fine to just stick to a standard window.

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