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How to Make your Home Feel Outdoorsy-er
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Anyone who lives in the Florida area knows how beautiful that view can be pretty much all year long. Who doesn’t love all the livelihood, greenery, and sunshine that Florida weather usually brings? You don’t have to be outside to chew up that scenery too! All you need is the right home additions to make yourself feel like you’re right square in the middle of such a beautiful Florida environment!

It’s not a quick fix. Making your home feel as outdoorsy as possible would require a few renovations, but after seeing all that these renovations could do, you would undoubtedly believe that it was all worth it! You wouldn’t have to do this all at once. You can slowly build up to that outdoorsy feel one upgrade at a time.

First, start yourself off with some picture windows. Picture windows give you a clear view of the spectacle outside to the point where it feels like, well, a picture. By installing picture windows, you’ll get a bigger, unobstructed view of the great outdoors than you would with any normal window. You would also be doing yourself other favors, like having windows that should be durable enough to withstand any bad weather conditions Florida may throw your way.

Second off, upgrade from the doors you have by getting some patio doors. Patio doors provide a unique architecture that brings natural lighting from the outdoors that wooden doors would not. While they are designed to give you a better view of what is outside, they too are designed to withstand any bad weather conditions that could come about.

Of course, adding that window and that door will give you a better view of Florida life on the outside, but would you believe that you can feel the outdoors without actually being outdoors? Well, you can by getting yourself a nice little Screen Room to tie it all together. It will make you feel the outdoor weather without being annoyed by any bugs or animals that normally would outdoors.

Best of all, Mr. Build provides service for every last one of these renovations and then some to give your home that outdoorsy Florida feel!

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