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Don’t forget About Plantation Shutters
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You have just built or renovated your beautiful home. It has sleek impact windows, strong James Hardie siding and a statement fiberglass front door. The home is just like you have always dreamed, except the house is missing something. Plantation shutters! Most homeowners often forget to add adequate shading/privacy options to their house. Then a homeowner will likely end up with an inexpensive and ineffective option. Plantation shutters are modern and fit well into any home style. Forget tripping over drapes or cheap shades. Plantation shutters are built directly into your window making it the best option for child safety and design. 

Our plantation shutters are made right here in Fort Myers, Florida. Plantation shutters can be either wood or PVC depending on the style you are looking for. Plus, they come in a variety of colors as well. The quality of the shutters is unmatched but if they do end up breaking, each shutter is backed by a lifetime warranty. Never worry about finding new blinds again!

 Child safety in your home is important. Traditional drapes or shades come with long cords or fabric that could potentially endanger your child if they play with them. Plantation shutters are different and solve the safety concern. You can easily tuck away any cord in the top of the shutters, far far away from a child’s hands. Now that your home is child safe, it is also child proofed. Our shutters are durable however the lifetime warranty guarantees that if your child breaks something, Mr. Build will replace it! 

Plantation shutters also provide extra security to your home. When you close your plantation shutters, no one can see through them. Even if someone were to try to force entry into your home, it would be incredibly difficult for them to make it through the shutters. They are made out of wood or PVC, very durable materials. 

Your shutters will also make a difference when the weather changes! Plantation shutters help insulate your home. In the summer, the shutters will protect your home from rising temperatures and keep heat in the winter. Plantation shutters make for a great investment for you and your bills. 

Do not forget about plantation shutters. They are beautiful and the best options for your windows. Control the lighting, airflow, increase security, etc. with a simple mechanism anyone can use. The design and quality is unparalleled. Mr. Build Inc.

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