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How to Know if Your Hurricane Windows Are Up to Florida Code
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Nothing beats living by the ocean. However, if your building is located in a wind-borne debris region, your replacement windows and doors must meet the Florida Building Code for glazed opening protection.  

Specifically, the Florida Building Code Association has enacted certain requirements for “hurricane resistant windows” for homes within one mile of the coast where the wind speed can reach 110 m.p.h. or greater. This means that the windows must either be impact resistant or have some type of external protection, such as a shutter. The law also allows counties and municipalities to establish stricter regulations than required by the Florida Building Code.  

So, if you live by the coast in Florida, you can count on needing some kind of hurricane resistant windows. Even in areas of Florida where such windows are not absolutely required, it’s not a bad idea to install some kind of storm protection in your home.  

At Mr. Build, we know that storm protection in Florida is a necessity. Our team can install both impact windows and shutters to help protect your Florida home from the fiercest hurricanes and tropical storms.  

We’re also experienced with the local requirements for hurricane resistant windows. Our team can ensure that the storm protection measures that we install in your home follow the required codes of the Florida county or city that you live in.  


At Mr. Build, we offer our customers highly durable impact windows. Impact windows combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special glazing process to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame.  

Our impact windows were developed by experts in the industry with the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your home will be safe from hurricane-force winds and debris. Our impact windows also meet all the requirements of Florida’s coastal building codes. 



Here at Mr. Build, we can also install hurricane shutters for maximum protection against storms and flying debris. 

  • Roll-Down Shutters:  

Roll-down hurricane shutters are permanently installed into your home. When needed, these shutters are lowered into place by a hand crank or electric motor.  

This type of shutter offers the advantage of maximum protection with minimal maintenance. These shutters are also popular for their convenience as they are permanently fixed to your home, making them always in place and ready for use. This is particularly helpful if protection is needed quickly. 

  • Accordion Shutters:  

Accordion hurricane shutters are housed beside the windows when not in use and unfold accordion-style for protection during storms and high winds.  

Like roll-down shutters, accordion shutters offer impressive protection for your home. These shutters can withstand an incredible 110 to 205 pound-force per square foot (psf) of pressure. They work well for protecting curved areas, larger openings, sliding glass doors, or balconies in your home. 


Contact Us: 

To learn more about our extensive storm protection and window options or to schedule a free in-home estimate, contact Mr. Build today at 941-746-5838. Any member of our experienced team would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with further information! 

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