Picture windows are big wide windows that frame the natural scenery around your home. They show an undisrupted view with no framing. Living in beautiful Florida, instead of hanging a picture of a palm tree, have a beautiful picture window showcase the one right outside your home. They bring in a lot of natural light and make a good watching spot for storms and sunsets. Picture windows by Mr. Build can be customized to fit into your home. Here are three reasons why you should install picture windows.  

1. Did you know that your windows need to be replaced every 15-20 years? With hurricanes, it is important to know how old and effective your windows are. If your windows are coming up on their replacement period, then consider replacing them with picture windows. Picture windows are incredibly durable and will still hold up to strong winds even though they do not have the grille. The grille is the criss cross pattern in the window. In fact, a grill is often decorative and requires cleaning to avoid a dingy look. Mr. Build’s custom picture windows meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and will keep your home safe during any weather event. 

2. Another great reason to install picture windows is the easy maintenance. You can spray with window cleaner and wipe down from top to bottom in one stroke. Compared to traditional windows where the grille will get in the way collecting dust and dirt requiring meticulous scrubbing in hard to reach spots. 

3. Living in the “sunshine state”, let all the light in! Picture windows allow more light into your home compared to traditional windows. Having more light in your home will make the house seem a lot more spacious and clean. Plus, using natural light also reduces the need for artificial light. This will take your energy bill down and save you money for the next 15-20 years. Imagine all the beautiful pinks and oranges flooding your living room at sunset and sunrise each day. Enjoy the view uninterrupted from the couch. For families, picture windows also offer the ability to have a clear view of your kids playing in the yard at all times. Visibility has never been better. 

Even one picture window can bring all of these benefits to your home. Picture windows can elegantly fit in with single hung, double hung, geometric shapes and other windows. The next time you replace your windows, consider the maintenance, safety, weather proof, and natural light opportunities.