Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters, most popular in the southern United States, provide long-term durability. Characterized by titled wooden louvers, these shutters are fitted to the window frame and are opened like doors rather than drapes. Available in vinyl and wood, plantation shutters appeal to all home and budget types.

Raised-Panel Shutters
Raised-panel shutters, often paired with flower-filled window boxes, best suit country cottage-style homes. Historically, they are used on ground-level floors to protect the window from elements such as wind and debris.

Louvered Shutters
Louvered shutters, consisting of overlapping slanted slats, are especially popular in homes with classic architectural styles such as Victorian or colonial. Their design blocks light while allowing air to pass through.

Board and Batten Shutters
Board and Batten shutters are designed with short horizontal boards that overlap long vertical boards. As simple as the design may be, board and batten shutters are extremely strong. Their rustic look best suits farmhouse-style buildings.

Flat-Panel Shutters
Flat-panel shutters combine the durability and design of board and batten shutters with the convenience of louvered shutters. They block light and bad weather while offering a functionally attractive look.

Bahamas Shutters
Bahamas shutters have the same slats as louvered shutters but are attached to hinges on the top of a window and opened from the bottom. As such, they are far sturdier than louvered shutters and thus far more popular in coastal areas that are hit with frequent storms.

Cut-Out Shutters
Cut-out shutters, though fairly simple in concept, offer a whimsical look to plain wooden shutters. Hearts, stars, and motifs are common cut-outs that let in a breeze while maintaining privacy and blocking light. Cut-out shutters originated in the 1920s.

Hurricane Shutters
Hurricane shutters are strongly encouraged in Florida and other storm-susceptible areas. They are built to withstand winds of more than a hundred miles per hour and are not subject to warping due to seasonal changes.