Patio Screen Enclosures
Patio screen enclosures, most popular in the south and especially with beach homes, allow ample airflow while warding off bugs such as mosquitos and gnats. They usually come with virtually invisible black screen mesh, which is more durable than a standard fiberglass screen. This screen is attached to the frame that lines the patio’s perimeter.

Glass Patio Enclosures
Glass patio enclosures, more commonly referred to as a sunroom, protects against inclement weather and insects while allowing plenty of natural light to infiltrate the area. Sunrooms can be installed under or outside the home’s roofline. If installed outside, they provide the perfect space for plant growth and stargazing.

Vinyl Patio Enclosures
Vinyl patio enclosures can come mounted or be attached to the patio’s preexisting frame. Although they don’t necessarily seal out rain or snow, they provide a warm, dry area to protect outdoor furniture and grills during the fall and winter seasons.

Aluminum Patio Enclosures
Aluminum patio enclosures, significantly less expensive than glass and vinyl enclosures, come with aluminum framed walls and an aluminum roof. Aluminum patio roofs are strong and weather-resistant. Most aluminum patio enclosures require little maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Acrylic Patio Enclosures
Acrylic patio enclosures consist of acrylic panels or clear plastic panels. They are resistant to breakage, although they are susceptible to bowing as a result of temperature changes. Acrylic patio enclosures are the best option for buyers that are on a budget, but think vinyl patios may be too flimsy for their climate.

Temporary Patio Enclosures
Temporary patio enclosure options include insulated curtains, dropdown panels, mosquito curtains, removable screen panels, and vinyl patio panels. Mosquito curtains are ideal for warm climates with lots of insects, while insulated curtains are recommended for areas that may get cold in the winter but are warm in the summer. Dropdown, vinyl, and removable screen panels can be detached and stored during warmer weather and are easily reinstalled.