Two main types of doors, pre-hung and slab doors, serve different purposes and can be used in different situations.

Pre-Hung Doors
Pre-hung doors come already attached to hinges and door framing. Therefore, prior to installation, the previous door and framing must be completely removed. Door knobs, handles, locks, and other hardware are all sold separately.

Slab Doors
Slab doors are most useful when only the door needs to be replaced. They don’t come with framing, and like pre-hung doors, all hardware is sold separately.

Although there are thousands of exterior door designs and panel combinations, almost every door in the continental United States can be grouped into four material categories: wood doors, fiberglass doors, steel doors, and iron doors.

Wood Doors
Wood doors are significantly heavier than most of their other material counterparts. They are available in multiple species, but the most popular include douglas fir, maple, oak, cherry, bamboo, alder, poplar, birch, mahogany, hickory, walnut, and pine. Wood doors are especially secure and dent-resistant and can be used with or without glass inserts, although they do require consistent maintenance to maintain their look. Wood doors complement traditional homes the best.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass doors, durable and weather-resistant, are the best option for regularly used entrances. Available in wood grain and smooth textures, they can be stained or painted to match the home’s exterior. In addition, they are energy-efficient, with foam insulation and weather-stripping to block extreme temperatures, and are significantly more dent-resistant than steel.

Steel Doors
Steel doors are the perfect combination of durable and affordable. Their full weather-stripping and foam core insulation offer heightened security in locations with severe weather. They require little maintenance, and their composition decreases the risk of shrinking or warping around the door. Furthermore, steel doors can be coated to look like real wood.

Iron Doors
Iron doors, usually ornate, will not warp, rot, or splinter. Most are designed to let in ample light while retaining high security. Although less common than wood, fiberglass, and steel doors, iron doors are beautiful, durable, and built to last.