The front door is the first thing your neighbors, friends and family see as they approach your house. It is a first impression that can make or break your home. Plus, it is an easy space to upgrade and decorate. Mr. Build Inc. specializes in premium entry doors made of fiberglass with plenty of design choices fixing all the cosmetic and functional problems that come with your wood door .This is why you should get a new fiberglass natural wood looking front door.  

Wood doors are cute but often warp and rot in Florida’s strong winds and heavy rain. A wood door will not last the test of time with weather and normal wear and tear of use. Wood doors get scratched, dented and chipped. Plus, wood doors are not as secure and lack insulation value. Do you still like the look of wood doors though? 

Design is just as important as the function of a door. The premium entry door that Mr. Build Inc. specializes can easily mimic the look of natural wood in a variety of shades. Mahogany, oak, rustic are just a few of the natural wood shades Mr. Build Inc. offers. Plus, all the design flaws that wood has, fiberglass does not. Fiberglass doors have the strength of steel meaning the doors are dent proof ,scratch resistant, and will never rot or rust. Plus, Fiberglass offers 5x more insulation than wood doors do, making an upgrade to a fiberglass door a smart investment over the years. Say goodbye to a ridiculously high AC bill! 

Your front door is the canvas of your first impression. Take a beautiful door to something straight out of a magazine when you style it with a wreath or potted plants on your porch. Family and friends will dazzle at how beautiful the entire home looks, even though you just upgraded the door. To add even more to your “brand new house”, consider installing matching vinyl siding and windows.  

Most importantly, make sure a professional is working on your home. Mr. Build Inc. has been in business since 1976 giving you and your home the expertise of 45 years. Plus, Mr. Build Inc. offers a free in-home estimate for doors and other services. Change the look of your entire home with a simple phone call today.