Windows need to be replaced around every twenty years.  If you have replaced the windows in your home or business recently and something still seems off, you might have purchased the wrong replacements.  Windows should typically last between fifteen and twenty-five years, and if it has been less time than that, you may have invested in the wrong ones. Here are some ways to know if you bought the wrong replacements:  

Do your windows seem drafty?  Do they let more outside temperature in than they should?  Or is it noisy near your windows where you expected outside sounds to be muffled, if not muted?  If you’re having these problems, there is a good chance that you purchased the wrong windows.  You may have ordered windows that weren’t double or triple-paned.  Typically that helps with these problems.  You may have ordered windows that are lower quality.  The quality of the window does play a role and you tend to get what you pay for with most windows.  When you’re investing in something that should last around twenty years, you want to be certain that they will in fact last that long.  Another possibility for these happening to you is because you might have ordered the wrong window sizes.  

If your recently replaced windows have gaps between the glass and frame or let moisture in, it is probable that you didn’t purchase the correct replacements.  They may not have been the correct size. The installation could have been done improperly, but you want to get this checked out right away in case it is a problem with the window itself.  This can be a big problem because the moisture can cause damage to your home.  

A major indicator that you didn’t get the correct window replacements is if they don’t function properly.  Do they seem broken when you try to open them?  Do they get stuck?  Do they make funny creaking noises?  This could mean that the window fits too tight or too loose in the frame, and once again is the wrong size for your home or business.  

Realizing you bought the wrong windows is not something that anyone wants to hear.  Hiring professionals to help you is the best way to go so you can avoid this mistake in the future.  They know just what kind of window options there are and will help you figure out the best choice for you, while saving you money in the long run.